Support Full FY’17 and FY’18 Funding for the Maritime Security Program

To support the full $299.997 million Fiscal Year 2017 appropriations and the full $300 million Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations for the Maritime Security Program (MSP) as authorized by Congress in P.L. 114-113.

In authorizing these amounts and thereby reaffirming strong support for the Maritime Security Program, Congress recognized that the choice for our Nation is simple: either the United States continues to entrust the security of our nation and the safety of American troops to U.S.-flag vessels and their U.S. citizen crews who have never failed to sail into harm’s way when called upon by the Department of Defense, or instead turns over America’s security interests and the well-being of American troops to foreign flag, foreign crewed vessels which may or may not choose to support America and our allies.  READ MORE (PDF)