USA Maritime is a coalition of carriers and maritime unions committed to promoting and protecting the U.S. Maritime Industry. The Coalition and its members work together to educate policy makers, the media and the public about issues impacting the U.S. flag merchant marine and maritime industry. Our members include:

American Maritime Congress (AMC)

The American Maritime Congress is a research and educational organization dedicated to informing the public, the media and our legislators in Washington on the issues and policy affecting the U.S.-Flag merchant marine and maritime industry. For thirty years, AMC has been bringing its message of ships and jobs to our nation?s capital. Whether it?s our ships sailing internationally, or our Jones Act domestic fleet, AMC is a leading advocate for responsible maritime policy, an effective commercially operating fleet for our national and economic security, and a level playing field to ensure the success and continued viability of a U.S.-Flag maritime industry.  Visit website here

American Maritime Officers (AMO)

American Maritime Officers is the largest union of merchant marine officers in the U.S. AMO officers work aboard U.S.-flagged merchant and military sealift vessels, and AMO holds a unique presence in the international energy transportation trades.  AMO officers work in a broad range of domestic and international trades aboard U.S.-flagged vessels in the deep-sea sector, including oil and product tankers, containerships, roll-on/roll-off ships, heavy-lift ships, trailerships, general cargo vessels and the only U.S.-owned fleet of undersea cable installation and repair ships.  Visit website here

American Maritime Officers Service (AMOS)

The Washington-based American Maritime Officers Service is a business association of U.S.-flagged merchant vessel operators serving international trade, deep-sea and coastal domestic markets, the Great Lakes and inland waterways.Our missions are to maintain a U.S. merchant fleet capable of meeting the economic, national security, diplomatic and humanitarian responsibilities assigned to it by U.S. history, geography and law, and to expand this fleet in domestic and international commerce. A large, active and diverse U.S. merchant fleet serves U.S. interests in peacetime, in war and in response to natural disasters in the U.S. and overseas.  Visit website here.

American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier LLC

American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier (ARC) is the leading U.S. Ro-Ro carrier operating liner services in the U.S.-International trades. ARC provides port-to-port and end-to-end transport of heavy vehicles, helicopters and other equipment for the U.S. government and its various agencies. We also carry agricultural and construction equipment for developing nations, Federal Transit Administration public transportation cargoes, U.S. Export-Import Bank preference cargoes, and other commercial break-bulk and Ro-Ro business.  Visit website here.

APL Ltd.

APL is the seventh world largest ocean carrier, offering more than 80 weekly services and over 500 calls at more than 140 ports worldwide. We provide container transportation and value added supply chain management services through our international shipping network which combines high-quality intermodal operations with state-of-the-art information technology, equipment and e-commerce. Visit website here.

FOSS International, Inc.

Foss International (formerly America Cargo Transport Corp.) provides global turnkey logistics and transportation services via sea, land and air. With a fleet of versatile US Flagged vessels, strong business relationships with leading transportation companies and a dedication to customer-driven solutions, we work with companies and organizations worldwide to provide efficient and cost-effective transportation services for increasingly complex needs.  Visit website here

Hapag-Lloyd USA, LLC

Hapag-Lloyd USA, LLC is a key supplier of end-to-end transportation services to United States Government agencies and their contractors.  Its modern fleet of six U.S.-flag ships is combined with a dedicated government service team, a global intermodal network and customized information technology to meet the unique and specific requirements of its government customers.  Based in Tampa, Florida, the company is supported by the extensive global network of the Hapag-Lloyd group that includes 150 ships, more than one million containers and 6,900 motivated staff at 300 locations in 114 countries. Visit website here.

Intermarine LLC

At Intermarine, we pride ourselves on giving customers the best options for their cargo transport needs. As agents for U.S. Ocean, LLC, we connect customers with the largest multipurpose and breakbulk fleet operating under the U.S. flag.  U.S. Ocean provides custom transport services that draw upon 10 years of worldwide business experience. From impelled cargoes to heavylift, military and project related cargoes, the company’s fleet transports over half a million tons of cargo annually to destinations spanning seven continents.  Visit website here.

International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots

The members of the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P) include the world’s best-qualified and most highly trained professional mariners. MM&P represents: licensed deck officers on U.S.-flag commercial vessels sailing offshore, on the inland waterways and on civilian-crewed ships in the government fleet; state pilots; marine engineers; unlicensed seafarers; and maritime industry shore side clerical and service workers.  The union is a dynamic advocate for its 5,600 members and a voice in Washington, D.C., for the domestic maritime industry and America’s Merchant Marine.  Visit website here.

International Shipholding Corporation

International Shipholding Corporation and its subsidiaries are engaged in waterborne cargo transportation which includes Jones Act Trade, Pure Car/Truck Carrier Services, Roll On/Roll Off, Breakbulk/Bulk Carrier Services, Domestic Coastwide Services, Container Vessels, Multi-Purpose Vessels, and Rail Ferry Transportation.  We are water transportation specialists providing unique solutions for a diversified customer base with emphasis on medium and long-term contracts and charters.  Subsidiaries operate 46 vessels and include Central Gulf Lines, Inc.; Waterman Steamship Corporation;  United Ocean Services, LLC.; LCI Shipholdings, Inc.; CG Railway, Inc.; LMS Shipmanagement, Inc.; and East Gulf Shipholding, Inc.  Visit website here

  • Central Gulf Lines Inc.
  • United Maritime Group
  • Waterman Steamship Corporation

Liberty Maritime Corporation

Liberty Maritime Corporation is a New York-based commercial shipping company which operates 10 U.S. and foreign flag vessels. Since its inception in 1988, the American and international maritime community has looked to Liberty for its unrelenting commitment to quality, innovation and reliable service.  Liberty’s fleet transports bulk, break bulk and bagged commodities as well as a variety of Roll On/Roll Off (Ro/Ro) cargos around the world for the U.S. Government, the United Nations, Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO’s) and private commercial entities. Protecting the environment, our mariners and clients is the cornerstone of our management philosophy.  Visit website here

Maersk Line Limited

Maersk Line, Limited (MLL) operates a fleet of 56 vessels, either in international commercial service or under contract with the U.S. government.

With 33 ships, MLL has the largest and most diverse U.S. flag commercial fleet in international trades. Our container, multi-purpose and tanker vessels provide unmatched flexibility and capacity to transport cargo for government and commercial customers anywhere in the world. We also offer roll-on/ roll-off vessels through our subsidiary, Farrell Lines. The majority of our ships sail on a weekly schedule but our multi-purpose vessels and tankers are available for time and voyage charters. Our vessels use innovative environmental technologies and operating practices to keep our air emissions lower than the container shipping industry average.  Visit website here

Marine Engineers Beneficial Association (MEBA)

MEBA represents a large and diverse mix of engineers and deck officers, experienced and skilled in all types of commercial shipping. MEBA’s expertise and proven track record of readiness, safety and loyalty in answering America’s call to action are unrivaled in the world. While the future is in question, one thing is certain. The members of the Marine Engineer’s Beneficial Association will unceasingly fight to preserve America’s fourth arm of defense -The US Merchant Marine.  Visit website here

Maritime Institute for Research and Industrial Development (MIRAID)

Since its inception, MIRAID has provided a forum for MM&P and its shipping companies to discuss and debate issues affecting the operation of U.S.-flag commercial vessels. The officers and staff of MIRAID work to achieve a consensus on proposed solutions which will strengthen the economic viability and competitiveness of the U.S.-flag vessel operations of its member U.S.-flag shipping companies and which will thereby preserve and create shipboard jobs for the members of the MM&P.  Visit website here

Sailors’ Union of the Pacific

“Entering our third century of continuous operation, the mission remains unchanged: to maintain and develop skill in seamanship, to effect a change in maritime law towards the development of the American Merchant Marine, to assist the seamen of other countries towards the establishment of the Brotherhood of the Sea.”  Visit website here

Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC (SLNC)

Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC (SLNC) operates commercial US Flag and Foreign Flag vessels worldwide, providing a variety of liner shipping and logistics services in the North, Central and South American markets, West African markets and Caribbean markets including Cuba, Guatemala, Belize, Colombia, and Haiti.  SLNC is an approved and active player in USAID & World Food Program (WFP) operations and an approved bidder for the US Transportation Command. Visit website here

Seafarers International Union (SIU)

The Seafarers International Union, Atlantic, Gulf, Lakes and Inland Waters, AFL-CIO, represents professional United States merchant mariners sailing aboard U.S.-flag vessels in the deep sea, Great Lakes and inland trades.  Visit website here

Sealift Inc.

Sealift Inc. is a privately held company, incorporated in New York, established in 1975. Originally Sealift was a shipbrokerage house specializing in paper, rice, general cargo and in operating breakbulk liner services to the Mediterranean and from Brazil. Today, the Company operates a fleet of U.S.-flag, ocean-going ships; most of these vessels operate in our U.S.-flag liner service to worldwide destinations. We are one of the largest ocean transportation contractors for U.S. Government food aid cargoes. All operations, chartering, engineering, crewing, IT and accounting are handled by our Oyster Bay, New York office.  Visit website here

Transportation Institute

Preserve the U.S.-owned, built and crewed Jones Act fleet » Ensure development of U.S. waterborne commerce » Enhance our National Security through the expansion of a militarily useful U.S.-flag vessel fleet. Visit website here.